OEM-Pipettors "KAWA"

Our OEM products “KAWA” are air-powered pipettors in combination with disposable tips. A key feature is that the droplets are fired out of the disposable tips without forming hanging droplets at the tip rim. The droplets are fired as free-jet over the entire volume range. The tips do not touch the substrate or liquid. This way a high pipetting speed and a high pipetting quality is reached.

The technology of the pipettors has been developed in-house, different patents are pending. The pipettors are produced, assembled and validated in our company in Switzerland.

A microcontroller inside the pipettors manages all tasks within the pipetting process. It compensates any variations of multi-pipetting, tip effects, temperature and pressure. The powerful microcontroller is also equipped with different communication ports as TCP/IP, RS-232, CAN. The power supply of the instruments is 24 Volts.